• Clunking Sound Under The Hood
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    Clunking Sound Under The Hood

    Nothing could be worse than driving home after a long day at work and hearing a strange knocking or pinging sound coming from under the hood of your vehicle. Well, it could be worse…you could be driving on a deserted motorway around 10pm at night and hear the sound. Wherever you may find yourself, this is not music to your ears. Your next thought may be to erupt into a full-fledged panic because you are sure this is an eminent sign that your vehicle is just about to break down.

  • Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair
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    Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair

    For a vehicle owner there are few words as scary as engine repair. If a mechanic mentions this phrase it immediately brings thoughts of extensive and expensive services. While some engine trouble may occur completely unexpectedly there are other issues that will provide warning signs long before they become dire situations that result in these big bills. If you run into any of these signs of major engine trouble be sure to contact your local mechanic in order to have them repaired prior to bigger issues arising.

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